Lighting Installation in Cook

Lighting is an important component that enhances the functionality and comfort of your home or business. Therefore, it is important to enlist the help of a company dedicated to satisfying all your needs. This where we come in. At Nelson Collie Electric Inc, we offer lighting services to business and home owners throughout Cook. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Residential electrical
  • Home electrical wiring
  • Lighting installation/retrofits/repairs
  • Panel upgrades/replacement

At Nelson Collie Electric Inc, we handle each job that we take with care and dedication. Whether your project is complex or simple, we will dedicate ourselves to getting the job done within your budget and time frame. We aim to please, and we even go the extra mile to ensure that our service goes beyond your expectations.

Lighting Repairs

You need to have lighting fixtures repaired or replaced periodically. This is why electricians are in high demand in Cook. Have your fixtures and lighting fixed easily and quickly by calling Nelson Collie Electric Inc.

We will offer you efficient and prompt lighting repairs. Our professionals are highly trusted, and when you contact us, we will start work immediately. Our team will undertake the repairs with care and precision. We have a team of electricians that can handle a wide range of repairs, including:

  • Rewiring of old outdated fixtures
  • Addressing faulty lighting set ups

We can complete an array of repairs, and no job is too small or large for us to handle. The prices we offer are affordable, and we are proud to be in operation in Cook.

Take advantage of our high-quality service and appointment scheduling. We are ready to tackle all your issues in Cook, whether in the office or home. Call us today!


If your bill is too high, lighting retrofitting could be the solution to your problem. At Nelson Collie Electric Inc, we are full-time electricians who have also specialized in retrofitting and updating lighting for businesses and homes.

We replace the component with those that are energy efficient that will save you money on your electric bill. To ensure you get the most out of your lighting system, we can tune down wattage output. This helps you save the environment and money.

Retrofitting is an especially important job we do, because many of the buildings in town are not equipped to handle the output required by modern appliances and technologies. Your electrical system could be under serious strain every day without you knowing, so if you haven't had it inspected recently give us a call today.

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Your lighting system is more than just something to help you see better—it has the power to enhance your work and home environment, making the space much more pleasant to be in. Get more out of your lighting system today.

Call Nelson Collie Electric Inc and seek our services to help you improve your lighting system. Our qualified staff are on hand to lend a hand with whatever lighting work you need done.